Erin Costante, Ava’s mom Action News!!!!

Little 6 month Ava Rose thinks the sound of Action News is funny!

posted: 3/13/18

William Bringhurst Super Bowl Champions

My Championship Gift Dallas,Ga

posted: 3/11/18

Lori Johnson Ruthie’s beautiful flowers!!

My mother Ruth Weitzel and I were at the Philadelphia Flower Show today. She received close to 100 compliments for the flowers in her hair!!!

posted: 3/10/18

Eileen NJ snow day morning

NJ snow day morning

posted: 3/7/18

John G. Wind, Rain, Snow...Emoji's?

Took this screenshot this morning while getting ready for work.

posted: 3/7/18

Kris Capellan Snow ❄️ 3/7/18

Alsace Township, 19560, 6:30am

posted: 3/7/18

JP Snow time like the present

View from Jamison PA

posted: 3/7/18

John Tudor Tractor trailer accident

Accident occurred at English Creek Avenue and Black Horse Pike in Egg Harbor Township New Jersey

posted: 3/6/18

I did from my front window then went to and took more Electrical dangerous problem and nothing has been done

I live on c st and Wyoming Ave,since the Strom we just had a few days ago.2houses down form a big tree broke off from c it's roots falling on to c the city electrical wires.some just put up caution tape from my railing,to the post,when it happen neighbor also call peco and nothing VC has been done I'm scared and worried because my 11year old son elias walks threw to cross the the traffic light on c and Wyoming,now I have to cross him across the other side is my strong c st ,to avoid something worse for my son but I'm not the only one.p please pass these images on so their won't be no death or serious problem.

posted: 3/6/18

Anna Morris Mother Nature Rules

Seriously, do I really need to dig out my snow gear?? Put this stuff away when I heard the robins singing in our yard.

posted: 3/5/18